Session Singer

T Jae has been a session singer for over 20 years. He has worked with Florence & The Machine, The Kooks, Tom Jones, Blur, Ellie Golding and Pharrell Williams to name just a few.

Vocal Coach

T Jae has been a singer for more then 20 years and has coached some great up-and-coming artists. He has experience singing with the greats and is ready to share that experience with you

Life Coach

T Jae is a trained life coach and mentour to many up-and-coming artists. He empowers artists and builds up the confidence needed to be in this industry.


T Jae has great connections in the industry and is often called to fix singers with artists and agents. T Jae has fixed many singers with artists including the choir for Pharrell Williams at the 2013 Brit Awards.

About T-Jae

T-Jae's experience in the industry

Travis J Cole aka T-Jae Cole is an experienced session singer working with some of the UK's top solo artists and bands as both a choir leader and backing vocalist. He has worked with the likes of Westlife, Dappy (N-Dubz), Blur, Florence & the Machine, Frank Ocean, Tina Turner, Tom Jones and Ellie Golding to name just a few.

T-Jae brings his unique vocal techniques and experience as a session singer to every studio recording and live performance.

His work as a fixer has created connections in the industry giving him access to great artists, musicians, choirs and backing singers.

  • 20 + Years experience as a session singer
  • 10 + Years fixing Experience
  • 15 + Years Event Management Experience
  • 10 + Years Photo shoot Directing experience

More of what T-Jae does

Behind The Force

Behind The Force is an artist development agency that specialises in nurturing, recreating and developing new artists to achieve their desired goals.


T Jae is also a soul artist.


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